Tallman Segerson recently completed a project on our 1930’s home that included detailed restoration and reconstruction of historic architectural space, as well as a new construction of added space. The thought and care invested by Tallman Segerson in the planning and execution of the project was impressive…. Moreover, since we lived in the house throughout the project, Tallman Segerson made every accommodation for the comfort and safety of our family, and went “beyond the call of duty” to do so.

Tallman Segerson’s service since the project was completed has been equally impressive…. Our issues have been slight, but attended by Tallman Segerson with speed, no hassles and full accountability.

Tallman Segerson’s willingness to stand behind their work is a true testament to their professionalism and the quality of the individuals who manage their projects…. Our home is special to us in many ways and there is no builder other than Tallman Segerson that we want to undertake future renovations or construction projects.