Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Amazon's Echo voice assistant can do almost anything -- from checking the weather to making reservations or controlling your smart phone home devices


Skybell Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Skybell Wi-Fi Doorbell

Skybell's Wi-Fi enabled video doorbell allows you to answer your door from anywhere using a simple iOS or Android app. You can see a live video stream right from your front door and talk back and forth with the visitor on the other end. It can also be used to screen potential solicitors and detect intruders


Eve Energy Products

Eve Energy Products

Eve Energy is a smart home switch designed to work with Siri and Apple's Homekit. With any iOS device you can simply turn an electrical device on or off with a simple voice command or a click of your finger. It can also monitor the devices' power consumption. Additionally, Eve's other energy products can monitor and provide information on room temperatures, humidity and even control your heating system through Siri voice commands or the application.


Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector

Lyric Leak Detector


The Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak and Freeze Detector helps alert homeowners quickly on their cellphone when a water leak or pipe burst occurs in your home. For more info visit their webpage or watch the video.


Eero Home Wi-Fi Extenders

Eero Home Wi-Fi

The Eero Home Wi-Fi system delivers consistent and reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home. Thick walls and interference can create inconsistent Wi-Fi signals in different areas of your home. Having three separate wireless zones with Eero can help enhance your connection.